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Water sports in Lloret de Mar

Water sports in Lloret de Mar

Sail in Lloret de Mar
The port Canyelles is the only marina that we will find in Lloret de Mar; In this space we will find a wide offer in the sport of sailing; We must go to the Club Nautico Canyellas, either in person or by telephone and reserve the desired activity; Medium-sized vessels can also arrive at the same port.

Kayak on the Costa Brava
Another water sport that we can do in Costa Brava is the sea kayak; In the same Lloret de Mar we will find a wide offer of activities with kayak; Luckily the offers make different routes, and allow us to enjoy the Costa Brava from different points of view. In reality, kayaking is the best option for lovers of tranquility; Who seek to reach inaccessible coves; As well as discover and enjoy the surroundings without any hurry; On the other hand the silent navigation allows us to see very closely the aquatic fauna of the Costa Brava.

Diving in Lloret de Mar
One of the water sports that allow you to discover more about the Costa Brava is the diving; In Lloret de Mar you can find a wide and diverse offer in the diving sector.

The transparent waters of the Costa Brava and Lloret allow us to enjoy the surroundings; In fact they are a perfect stage for all the lovers of the submarinismo can discover the marine bottom; Once there you can enjoy the impressive flora and fauna that lives in the waters of the Costa Brava. You will now find spectacular diving areas; As for the experience of the diver there are different degrees of difficulty; For this reason there are different offers of diving; Which range from the simplest to the professional dives only.

Jet skis in Lloret de Mar
Lloret de Mar is located within an idyllic spot on the Costa Brava; It is for this reason that many are the brave ones who wish to enjoy their coasts, but in the sea; In Lloret de Mar you will find offers to practice the sport of the watercraft; In fact the jet skis are ideal for water excursions and enjoy the marine environment.

Vias Bravas
After all these sports there is one that we like very much and are the brave ways; It is a public network of marine trails on the Costa Brava; In fact it is exclusively destined to the practice of swimming in open waters; All the itineraries allow you to enjoy the coast and explore it from the sea safely.

Other water activities in Lloret de Mar
If none of the above water activities convince you, you will find more offers; Other aquatic activities can also be practiced; For example snorkel, parasalting or ski bus among others; In fact we would also find tourist cruises that make a circuit by the coast of Lloret; So that all participants can enjoy the seabed without having to get wet.