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Monument to the Woman of the Sea

Monument to the Woman of the Sea

Surely many of those who know Lloret de Mar; They would not mind the slightest change for the Marinera Woman for a few moments. From this privileged place, the views over Lloret de Mar; Show an impressive landscape characteristic of a Mediterranean area that has more than deserved each and every one of its visits with its consequent compliments.

Traveling to Lloret de Mar is a must visit to this monument that has become an emblem for a city related to the sea from start to finish; The history of the place is completely linked to the Mediterranean Sea and the Dona Marinera could not be less; Its meaning, its tradition, and even its own name are inextricably linked with the point where it looks; The crystalline ocean that bathes the Spanish Levante.

Meaning and history of the Marinera Woman
Since his commission in 1966; Many are those who have visited this monument and have been able to see the entire bay of Lloret from the cliff where it is situated; While they touched with their hand the right foot of the Dona Marinera, and is that according to the traditional legend around the statue; Who does it looking at the horizon and asks for a desire sees it fulfilled. Reality or fiction, it is a brilliant story that does nothing more than grant more magic to the locality; Surely it bites the curiosity to verify it.

The one also known as the Venus of Lloret; Is made of bronze by Ernest Maragall and measures approximately 2.4 meters; A great monument dedicated to a great group: the women sailors who remained on land in charge of their families; While their husbands traveled to America to seek sustenance; For this reason the statue stands on the shores of the Mediterranean with a gesture of farewell or welcome. This is one more of all the samples that certify the close relationship of the municipality of Girona with its great maritime tradition.

Location of the monument to the Dona Marinera
One of the things that impresses most of this work is that if it is already spectacular and has a deep meaning; Its situation, its surroundings and the route that has to be done to reach it have practically nothing to envy. The Venus of Lloret is located in the path of a route that is also historical in the region of La Selva; Known as the Camino de Ronda and that runs along the shores of all the beaches of the Lloretense coastline forming part of great hiking trails.

This route has a history of weight that goes back to the nineteenth century; When it was built as a path that covered part of the Catalan coast, between cliffs and wooded areas, in order to control smuggling that came through this border in those years of famine. In this way, the Civil Guard had it as a key passage zone; Dedicated to preventing the entry of products of blacks in the Spanish borders. Once the borders were abolished between the countries of the European Union lost importance to win in beauty, to become what it is today; A passage with spectacular views.

It is clear that it is impossible to visit Lloret de Mar, and not to get lost in the many corners that the Camino de Ronda covers; Giving a walk that, for many, sometimes deserves several hours of duration, and do so with a mandatory stop: Dona Marinera. We hope your wishes are fulfilled.