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Friendliness and cleanliness near the beach

Friendliness and cleanliness near the beach

And is that in ElDorado Apartments we have swimming pools, beach less than 100 meters from the door of ElDorado itself, and we are a few kilometers from the center of the city of Lloret de Mar. We are in the center of the Costa Brava, and you and Your family, you can have an apartment this summer to have a great time in front of the beach and at home.

As you know, in ElDorado Apartments, you will have every comfort you can have in your own homes. And, apart from the pool adapted to the little ones, the adult pool, or a spectacular apartment equipped with all the comforts of a house to spend a great vacation, you have many leisure and added proposals in the same complex of Apartments.

Since the beginning of the ElDorado Apartments, the clients have appreciated the positive attention that has been received by ElDorado during all their stays at ElDorado Apartments. This conclusion has been supported over the years, with the presence of families and couples who repeat their great stay during the time of their summer vacation in our apartments in Lloret de Mar.

It is because of this fantastic attention and familiar treatment that every person passing through our summer holiday apartment complex recalls with great enthusiasm adding all kinds of pleasant memories for our facilities, or your walks through the center of Lloret de Mar or By the beach of Fanals, a beautiful beach of granulated sand and crystal clear water that is just in front of the Apartments El Dorado.

As we have said, the attention that is received at ElDorado Apartments is spectacularly professional, and as you should know, during your stay you can be taken care of at any time of the day, and that is that at ElDorado Apartments we have an open and active reception During the 24 hours of the day. In what other complex of apartments can receive such attention?

Apart from the efficient attention of our complex of apartments, we have an efficient night surveillance in all our facilities. And the case, is that for ElDorado, the safety and tranquility of the vacations of each and every one of our clients is paramount.

On the other hand, any payment that is made in the complex of Apartamentos ElDorado, has a full guarantee regarding that payment. The fact is that as we have said before, for us, the client and his family is the most important, and we want the enjoyment and tranquility of the holidays are as profitable as possible. In this field, we can find a lot of real estate and / or individuals who offer rents, who charge an extra, or in another case, may not be to a complete disposition of the clients, that is why in ElDorado they will find it All of your taste.

The comfort of our guests is a super important factor, and as we have always said, in ElDorado Apartments families have all the amenities to come and spend their summer holidays near the beach enjoying our apartments in Lloret de Mar.

A facility we give families, is that if you come with a newborn or baby, the complex of Apartments El Dorado, provides the cradle completely free of charge, so that family should not worry about carrying the crib in their vehicle until The El Dorado apartment, the comfort in this case is extreme. On the other hand, we have two swimming pools, and one is fully adapted for young children of all families who have rented an apartment in El Dorado.

The proximity to the beach, the beach of Fanals, a spectacularly beautiful and very quiet beach, allows every family to come and enjoy their holidays in El Dorado de Lloret de Mar, the comfort of having the pool or the beach just a few steps Of your rented apartment.

Finally, you should know that in the apartment building itself there is a parking (paid) to leave the vehicles of the rented. That way, just get out of the apartment you can take the car and hike to nearby towns, as Lloret de Mar itself is only a kilometer from the ElDorado apartment complex, you can easily walk to the center of the city.

With all this said it is very clear, that the comfort is spectacular, and the fact of spending a vacation in our Apartments of El Dorado in Lloret de Mar can be a great success for the whole family.