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Chapel of Santa Cristina

Chapel of Santa Cristina

Visitors can not remain impassive when they visit the hermitage, from which outside they can see a panoramic view of the beaches of Santa Cristina and Cala Treumal, both located under the mound on which the emblematic temple was built. Traveling to Lloret de Mar means discovering small corners that are precious in themselves, and also allow you to observe the impressive landscape of cliffs, sand and rocks bathed by the waves that form the Costa Brava. And this is precisely what this sacred place offers for the inhabitants of the city.

So important is the Hermitage of Santa Cristina, that year after year are celebrated in Lloret de Mar some celebrations in its honor around the 24 of May, day in which it is celebrated its onomastic. Thus, its link with sailors, fishermen and all the inhabitants of the municipality of the region of La Selva is unbreakable: the saint has been venerating for centuries, and her relationship with the environment surrounding the temple is as strong as the stone that Sustains.

Construction and history of the Chapel of Santa Cristina
Although the current hermitage dates from the eighteenth century; It is known that the first news that appeared about the same comes from the year 1376; Which demonstrates the antiquity of the admiration that the inhabitants of Lloret de Mar feel for Santa Cristina. The temple is of a neoclassical style, which evokes predominantly Greco-Roman architecture.

Some of the most important features of the temple are its high altar; Made in Italy with marble of different colors, and a great altarpiece of unknown author coming from the Tuscan School; Where the death of the saint is represented. Located in the vicinity of the road that bears the same name; The hermitage built in a single nave; Has two side chapels that, despite being attached to the central, act as different aisles.

Relationship of the people of Lloret with Santa Cristina
As we have pointed out, there are several points of the people that have been called with the name of the martyr; But the relationship of the citizens of Lloret de Mar with her goes much further than simple baptisms; Beginning with the construction of the temple itself. Many of the inhabitants of the Catalan locality provided economic sustenance; Arriving to pay the building to the full, and counting also with the work of those who could not contribute money, in his days off.

Another example of the immense veneration they feel for Santa Cristina; Can be seen in the interior of the sacristy of the temple; Where they are exhibited numerous miniatures of ships that the sailors offered to the saint like exvotos; Many of which to date have been invaluable.

By last; The relics of Santa Cristina are also of inestimable value; That they obtained in their day the lloretenses, and of which only they preserve the skull and a small bone that is transported every year in the maritime procession to celebrate the holidays; A revolt in 1936 meant the disappearance of a rib and the femur, also patrimony of the municipality. On July 24, in addition to the aforementioned procession; Takes place the breakfast of the brotherhood of fishermen under the tree known like the Pi Centenari; Another of the emblems of the city.