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Cala Banys in Lloret de Mar

Cala Banys in Lloret de Mar

What does Cala Banys offer?
The first thing that we could say about Cala Banys is that it does have several points in common with the other beaches of Lloret de Mar, which as we have said all are different from each other; However, the climate, the crystal clear waters and the mountainous and vegetal landscape are a general factor of any of its shores, of whatever type. So, if you are specifically looking for this, we are talking about a perfect place for your vacation, where you can also choose thousands of different plans to complete.

If you are a fishing lover or a snorkel enthusiast, we are talking more concretely about your own piece of beach, as Cala Banys is the best place in Lloret de Mar where we put these experiences into practice with highly satisfactory results, Which will surely surpass your expectations for very high that we leave them; It is not the same to read about this city as to visit it.

Special mention and much insistence deserve the landscape that surrounds this piece of the Mediterranean, which seems to be there to relax with the sound of the background waves crashing against the rocks that form this cove. Just above the shore and presiding over the pavement, there is a walk and a stairway - also of stone - that put the icing on a cake not insignificant.

How to get to Cala Banys?
Although there are several roads that can take you to Cala Banys - some of which passes through the Castell de Sant Joan - such as the one that runs between Blanes and Lloret or the county of Vidreres, as well as the C-32 or AP- 7, the road will always become much more attractive if you walk along any of the routes intended for these purposes. Sometimes enjoying the trip to a place is as important as the place where you want to go, since the views from the beginning are the anteroom of the end.

In this particular case, the road from Lloret beach to Cala Banys - known as Camino de Ronda - offers a beautiful passage in which there is also one of the most famous monuments of the municipality located in the region of La Selva, As is the statue of the dona marinera, one of the emblems of an eminently maritime city. On the other hand, you can also walk the path from Cala Banys to the well known beach of Santa Cristina, which although currently cut, offers wonderful views of the most typical of the Costa Brava landscapes.