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Art Nouveau in Lloret de Mar

Art Nouveau in Lloret de Mar

The birth of modernism in Lloret de Mar
As you can well imagine, modernism as a style was born in Barcelona, ​​and from there it spread to the other populations; So the bourgeoisie of the area tried to continue that style in the way that was more viable.

The city of Lloret de Mar is located in the center of the Costa Brava; So like any other coastal city its population lived basically from the sea; However much of this population decided in the 19th century to go to the 'Indies' (to make money); When they returned, already richer, they were named 'Indians'; So the 'Indians' somehow occupied the concept of the bourgeoisie; This group had the same desire to contribute in the modernist style and to be known as 'rich'; And with all these facts, modernism began in the city.

For that reason the impression of the 'Indians' recorded in the modernist style of Lloret de Mar and surroundings; For example we can cite the modernist cemetery designed by the well-known architect Puig i Cadafalch; And is undoubtedly an architectural ensemble of undoubted interest; On the other hand the cemetery enlarged the perspective of what was funerary art at that time.

Also we would find the church of San Roman; A church of Gothic style and with great modernist influences; In fact its architect was Bonaventura Conill i Montobbio, a well-known modernist architect. The whole religious complex has details that make constant reference to the modernism of the time.

Visit modernism in Lloret de Mar Luckily Lloret de Mar offers guided tours within the city; In this way you can discover the cultural heritage that is hidden in the historic center of Lloret de Mar. Guided tours of the historical center of Lloret de Mar are offered in Catalan and Spanish; The price of visits is € 2 per person, which only includes the external visit of the patrimonial elements; In fact many of the spaces charge entrance tickets to carry out the visits on your own; On the other hand, children under 12 years old are free, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

All guided tours already have a marked route from the beginning; You can also book your guided tour in any of the three tourist offices in Lloret de Mar.

As we said, it should be noted that at the beginning of the twentieth century there were many Indians who had made a fortune; After all they wanted to translate their fortune into their new homes in Lloret; Modernism was already real as an architectural style; For that reason all the new constructions had positive influences of that recent style. In addition to being able to show their wealth in the houses where they lived, they wanted to go further; For that reason the cemetery was born that previously we have commented to them; The architectural investment in the modernist cemetery of Lloret de Mar will allow them to evidence the economic well-being once dead.

In summary the cemetery of Lloret de Mar can be considered one of the sets with more significant samples of what was the Catalan funerary art of the modernist period.